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New build and remodel design services

Blocking diagram example

Blue Sky and Concept

·         Surrounding Area Portfolio Analysis and recommendations

·         High-level square footage recommendation based upon projected throughput & comparable locations

·         High-level layout of facility (front, back, storage)

·         Operations design criteria for architects

·         Concept brief to help 'shop' your vision

·         Building from a ‘base kitchen’

Feasibility and Schematic

·         Technology needs

·         Block drawings to validate objectives

Other design services

·         Design and Operational Standards

·         Review design at all phases to double-check objectives can be met

·         Project manage and coordinate vendor deliverables

·         Operating while constructing tips and tricks

·         Food Hall and Food Court layout, space allocation, and support functions

·         Hotel concierge/club level food & beverage offerings and flow

Image by Call Me Fred

Operational and design standards

Define how you want to operate and/or expectations of your design teams

Avoid the assumption that everyone sees the same vision as you do and save time and money along the way

Define everything up front, distribute the standards, and discuss openly what you expect.

Seasalt Menu

Other consulting services

Other Food & Beverage services

·         Menu design and efficiency

·         Recipe catalog recommendations

·         Beverage and Food Menu impact on back of house functions

·         Labor evaluation

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